Lutz Geißler et Christina Weiß

Lutz Geißler, Author and Course Instructor.

Lutz Geißler never wanted to become a baker. He wanted to be a geologist and did become one. but the time he devoted to his degree work in the laboratory and at the computer meant he had to find a balance.

Breadmaking gave him an escape from everyday life. In the meantime, bread-making has become his profession, but geology remains close to his heart. Lutz is a scientist through and through. He analyses, combines, and develops new things.

With over 600,000 books sold, Lutz is, in addition to his work on the Plötzblog and as a course trainer, the most successful author about bread-making in German-speaking countries. His books have been translated into several languages. Even professional bakers seek his advice and attend his courses. And it doesn’t stop there: in collaboration with master baker Christina Weiß, this father of three children prepares bread in his own bakery, Brotkumpels, on the outskirts of Hamburg, to supply the neighbourhood – now also with the support of Alma Pro‘s Mélia 50.

Christina Weiß, Master Baker

Christina Weiß studied business management and taxation.

She has been baking sourdough bread in a wood-fired oven for around 15 years, long before she met Lutz Geißler. In 2016, she decided to relearn the craft from scratch at a Demeter bakery near Hamburg.

As a master baker, she, and Lutz Geißler have been running the “Brotkumpels” neighbourhood bakery in their home in Sasel since March 2022, with great success.


The culinary magazine Falstaff voted “Die Brotkumpels” the best bakery in Hamburg in 2022.


boutique brotkumpels              


Brotkumpels, a unique local bakery in Hamburg’s Sasel district: a new approach to life!


Lutz and Christina bake at home only part of the week, and only to order; 1,600 customers come in regularly.

The rest of the time is spent on related activities and with their family.

Lovers of sourdough and tasty breads, they promote healthy, tasty food and zero waste.

There’s something for everyone!

Franck  Debieu
Master baker
Palaiseau, France

Founder of the L’Étoile du Berger bakeries, Franck Debieu has been working since 1994 on the development of sourdough fermentation techniques…

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Lutz Geißler  Christina Weiß
Author and course facilitator, Master Baker.
Hambourg, Allemagne

Since March 2022, Lutz and Christina have been jointly running the neighborhood bakery ‘Brotkumpels’.


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Nadia  Sammut
Cadenet, France

My job today is to pass on my knowledge from the farm to the plate, via all my colleagues in the kitchen and in processing …

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