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Moulins Mélia
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Massive and elegant

The MELIA 70 flour mill brings authenticity to your products and enhances the value of your traditional know-how in the creation of stone-ground flours.

Its mission is to preserve the transformation of cereals into an essential foodstuff through the production of genuine flours rich in flavor, texture, and nutrients.

The MELIA 70 will find a place in your kitchen, your workplace or in your shop to produce excellent grinds.

This mill with its 70 mm diameter millstone is the largest in the MELIA range.

Charming and aesthetic

The MELIA 50 flour mill will enable you to create quality flours by integrating the notion of health through food.

Its mission is to enrich the knowledge of end consumers by transforming cereals, pulses, and protein crops into a central part of their diet.

The MELIA 50 will find its place in your bakery, your kitchen, or your point of sale to make grinds in front of your customers.

This mill with 50 cm granite grinding stones is the perfect addition to the MELIA range.

Compact and qualitative

The MELIA 30 flour mill has been designed to give you the opportunity to create integral flours as part of your range.

Its mission is to showcase French-style bread-making expertise and raise end-consumer awareness of how cereals are processed.

The MELIA 30 will fit right into your laboratory or workspace for making sourdough.

This 30 cm stone mill is the smallest mill in the MELIA range.

MELIA flour mills

Innovation at the heart of tradition


An ancient millstone process and a valued know-how ensure a healthy nutrition and a plurality of tastes.

The objective is to create a story around a tool combining tradition and modernity to accompany the cultural and heritage revaluation worldwide: the know-how of French bread.

The user can take advantage of the flour mill to explore new textures and flavours. It can open its field of possibilities thanks to the protein chain by offering gluten-free dishes.

Our team has worked a lot on quality and precision to have a measurable production, with simple adjustments allowing to obtain quantified, repeatable, and especially qualitative measurements.


Precision and aesthetics


A harmonious combination of carefully selected materials: stainless steel, wood, and stone with a playful interface to facilitate the work of users.


The Mélia range has been designed to allow all food professions to make their artisanal know-how visible by having a power of attractiveness and animation of the point of sale.

The ergonomics and playful interface allow non-expert users a simplified and intelligible use to highlight the different functions of the mills and understand the flour production cycle.


Eco-design at the heart of innovation


A range of “MADE IN FRANCE” mills with a choice of partners within 35kms.

. An eco-design with a will to work respecting the material and the environment: from design to the end of the product’s life and limiting the number of wearing parts.

. Its ergonomics and its playful interface allow all non-expert users a simplified and intelligible use.

. Energy efficiency by optimising the performance of the mills and using less energy in their operation.


Moulins Mélia by ALMA PRO


The flour mills of the Mélia range were designed and manufactured by Alma PRO. In order to limit transport and reduce carbon impact, we worked on the design and manufacture “Made-in-France” with flour mills composed of 62% material and labour less than 35km from our headquarters in Saint-Donat-sur-l’Herbasse in the Drôme and a French manufacture at 75%.

la gamme Mélia reconnue par le salon Europain et par le Janus de l'industrie


Recognised by flour and bread professionals, the MÉLIA professional flour mill is the winner of the EUROPAIN 2022 international bakery exhibition.

The MÉLIA range has also been awarded the JANUS 2022 for heritage and innovation.