Moulins Soufflet

Moulins Soufflet offers grain delivery in 25 kg bags.

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Quality Choice at the Heart of the Grain Industry

Moulins Soufflet : Un choix de qualité au cœur de la filière céréalière

Founded in the 1900s, the company Moulins Soufflet is recognized as a major player in the grain industry. It stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation.

This French company has been able to assess market demands while maintaining its passion for cereals and its attachment to bakery tradition. It has become an essential pillar of the grain industry in France and internationally.

Today, Moulins Soufflet is known for its superior quality products and innovative approach to delivering grains directly to bakeries.

The Signature of Moulins Soufflet

Moulins Soufflet has created the responsible supply chain to meet the needs of consumers who increasingly value the quality of their food. Environmental respect is at the heart of its current concerns.

The company has equipped itself with tools dedicated to the organic sector to meet the growing demand from consumers for organic products in their diet.

Moulins Soufflet offers products certified with the Label Rouge to satisfy consumers who place strong importance on the quality of their food.

One of Moulins Soufflet’s distinctive features lies in its milling expertise. Every step is carried out with care: a rigorous selection of wheat, a unique blend of wheat varieties, quality control and traceability, and mastery of techniques.

Moulins Soufflet works hand in hand with local farmers to grow and harvest superior quality cereals, favoring a responsible and sustainable approach. This close collaboration ensures the traceability of raw materials and helps support agricultural communities while preserving the environment.

The company also invests in cutting-edge technologies for the processing and transformation of cereals. Moulins Soufflet produces homogeneous and high-quality flours that meet the specific needs of the most demanding bakers and pastry chefs.

La marque de fabrique des Moulins Soufflet

A New Dimension of Service

Moulins Soufflet : Une nouvelle dimension de service

Beyond its commitment to quality, Moulins Soufflet has introduced a major innovation in the grain industry: grain delivery for bakers.

This revolutionary approach simplifies the process for bakers, allowing them access to fresh and quality raw materials without interruption.

Thanks to a well-thought-out logistics network, Moulins Soufflet is able to deliver grain to bakers just as it does with flours.

This synchronization ensures that bakers always have the necessary raw materials to produce an exceptional range of breads.

Moreover, this new dimension of service allows bakers to adjust the milling according to their specific needs.

This innovation strengthens the bonds between the miller and artisan bakers, enabling a unique synergy that benefits the entire food chain.

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Discover the MÉLIA30 flour mill on display at the Moulins Soufflet stand.

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