Testimony: FAURY Bakery

Thierry and Christiane FAURY invested in a flour mill to manufacture and create their bread with their own flours and to work with local products.

Gluten-Free Flours: An Innovative Culinary Art

Gluten-free flours are becoming increasingly popular in cooking to create delicious dishes. Traditions are important in this field. And who better to embody this gustatory revolution than the first green-starred chef Nadia Sammut?

Testimonial : Le Moulin de Gouesnou

At the heart of the charming town of Gouesnou, nestled just a few kilometers from Brest, lies a bakery unlike any other.

The Mélia mill in the spotlight on ‘Madrid Directo’

Interviewed by Spanish TV, Manuel GARCIA presents the Moulin Mélia at the InterSICOP trade show.

The 21st Century Mill

Manuel and PANHABLA LAB, a Spanish baker and YouTuber, introduce the MÉLIA flour mill designed for bakers, offering the possibility to produce fresh flour directly in the bakery.

The Olivero-Ravel Bakery Experience

Jean-Pierre Olivero shares his experience with the concept of the mill in the bakery.