Patrick Tenaille

After 30 years of experience in commercial management and supporting financial projects and business creation, within Grands Moulins de Paris and Moulins Storione, I now propose to support all stakeholders in the wheat-to-bread sector who wish to enhance their activity by innovating to create value, locally and sustainably.

How do I support stakeholders in the wheat-to-bread sector?

Through a new concept: THE MILL IN THE BAKERY.

The goal: transform your bakery into a place of authenticity and excellence! With the Mélia flour mill, you will create a unique taste experience for your customers, while showcasing your artisanal work by presenting the complete process from grain to bread.

I will help you build a strong trust relationship with your clientele by proudly communicating about your work: you will choose the wheat of your choice to make your flour and craft a bread distinctly linked to its terroir. You will offer your customers an authentic experience with every tasting.

The concept is profitable as it will allow you to quickly recover your investment: I am at your disposal for a personalized financial study.

Not to mention that you are supported both upstream and downstream of your project with a “tailor-made” after-sales service.

My skills acquired over these years will enable me to offer you a commercial and financial analysis, appropriate advice tailored to each situation, and the ability to find a solution adapted to your business.

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