FAURY Bakery : Nourishing Bread

Thierry and Christiane, founders of FAURY Bakery invested in a flour mill to make bread with their own flour and to use local products.

A new vision of FAURY bakery

A baker for 14 years, Thierry has taken a new step by integrating the Mélia flour mill into his bakery.

Now, he works with fresh flour that he grinds himself with a stone mill, in front of his customers.

“Today, I no longer work with flour, I work with grain”

Thierry Faury

Thierry shares his experience with this mill that has transformed his way of working.

This extraordinary baker is determined to offer quality bread. He favors wholemeal flours, rich in fiber and with low glycemic index. With the help of his mill, he perfectly masters the bread-making process.

“The approach to the profession is completely different, and now we really feel like we control the whole process”

Thierry Faury

This transformation goes far beyond simply using a new tool. It represents a revolution in his bakery, where each bread is carefully crafted, from grain to loaf.

From grain to bread

This passionate and committed baker is known for his nourishing and tasty breads.

Thanks to the Mélia mill, he enjoys total freedom in the choice of grains and blends.

He can mix different cereals, such as 50% wheat 50% spelt or a blend of wheat and rye, to create unique combinations.

Pain de la boulangerie FAURY
Bread from FAURY bakery

FAURY Bakery’s bread stands out for its taste and nutritional quality. By reducing salt by 40% and using long fermentations, he manages to develop rich and complex flavors.

FAURY Bakery relies on local producers to make bread, with wheat from Forcalquier.

Together, let’s reinvent the art of bakery!

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