Moulins Bourgeois

Moulins Bourgeois offers the delivery of organic grains of French origin in 25 kg sacks including various varieties: wheat, ancient wheat, rye, or spelt.

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A milling expertise serving the cereal industry

Moulins Bourgeois : Meunier, et bien plus encore !

Since 1895, Moulins Bourgeois has risen to the top of the milling industry, representing tradition and excellence in cereal processing.

Founded on a passion for quality, the Moulins Bourgeois company goes beyond producing exceptional flours; they are committed to providing top-notch products while revolutionizing the way grains are delivered and processed.

This commitment to quality is reflected in the flavor, texture, and performance of their products.

An exceptional supply chain

The success of the milling company lies in their meticulous selection of superior quality grains.

Each grain is carefully chosen based on its variety, protein content, moisture level, and origin.

This rigor ensures that only the best raw materials are used in the processing process. Furthermore, organic production ensures grains free from chemical residues, rich in flavor, and nutrients.

Moulins Bourgeois : une filière d'exception

Innovation for bakers

Moulins Bourgeois : L'innovation au service des boulangers

Moulins Bourgeois has always demonstrated a willingness to support artisan bakers in their quest for excellence.

The company introduces an innovation in the cereal industry: the possibility of delivering grain directly to bakeries.

The company gives artisan bakers the freedom to create breads with the best ingredients.

Indeed, the Bourgeois mill is equipped with state-of-the-art production tools to remove all impurities from the grains.

This initiative offers bakers the ability to control the entire process, from grain selection to flour production.

This allows them to guarantee the freshness and quality of the raw materials while maintaining total control over their creations.

On the other hand, Moulins Bourgeois plays a central role in training future artisan bakers.

Their bakery training school is a learning hub where expertise is passed on to new generations.

This approach encourages the preservation of craftsmanship while allowing young people to excel in the world of baking.

It also diversifies current bakeries by enriching their knowledge with innovative techniques and recipes.

A commitment to sustainability

In addition to their commitment to quality, Moulins Bourgeois has a strong desire to promote sustainability.

They collaborate with local farmers to engage in environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

At the same time, they reduce their carbon footprint by using suitable production methods.

All cereals received at the mill are 100% French and harvested within 200 km of the mill.

Furthermore, the grains are guaranteed to be untreated after harvest.

This environmentally friendly approach promotes soil health, preserves biodiversity, and produces exceptionally high-quality cereals.

Moulins Bourgeois holds various labels and certifications that attest to their exemplary practices.

Since 2009, their multicereal workshop has been certified organic, demonstrating their commitment to organic farming.

Since 2011, they have carried the “Produit en Ile-de-France” label, illustrating their support for their region and the local economy.

They meet the rigorous criteria of the Label Rouge, respecting strict rules for the storage and selection of wheat.

Since 2020, Moulins Bourgeois has been CRC (Controlled Reasoned Cultivation) certified, guaranteeing the French origin of cereals and practices favorable to biodiversity.

Since 2012, their ISO 22000 certification attests to their commitment to food safety.

In 2021, this certification was updated to the FSSC 22000 protocol, further strengthening their commitment to food safety, which remains a major concern for the company.

Moulins Bourgeois : Un engagement envers la durabilité

Moulins Bourgeois Offer

Moulins Bourgeois offers the delivery of French origin grain in 25 kg sacks.

• Organic wheat

• Organic ancient wheat

• Organic rye

• Organic spelt


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