The table for mill MÉLIA 30

Optimize your workspace with efficiency and safety with the table for MÉLIA 30.

The table is the perfect accessory to accompany the Mélia 30 stone mill for flour.

Designed by Alma Pro to optimize your workspace and ensure efficient preparation of wholemeal flours effortlessly.

With its functional design and specific features, it provides you with the perfect solution for efficient, practical, and safe flour preparation.





The benefits of the table for the MÉLIA 30 mill

  • Effortless Mobility: This table with wheels makes it easy to move the Mélia flour mill. It offers great flexibility in your sales or production space. You can adjust your work environment with ease.
  • Convenient Storage: The table has a storage compartment to store grains and flour. This helps keep your workspace organized and functional.
  • Enhanced Stability: The table surface is specially designed to provide optimal stability to the flour mill during operation.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: This ergonomic table allows you to work comfortably at the right height, avoiding tensions and injuries caused by poor posture. Enjoy optimal comfort every day!

Technical Specifications of the Table:

  • Compatible with MÉLIA 30
  • Materials: wood and stainless steel sourced in France
  • Dimensions (mm): L=890, W=780, H=785
  • Weight without MÉLIA 30: 80 kg
  • Weight with MÉLIA 30: 200 kg

The Talmélia services

Talmélia by Alma Pro offers services to accompany you in the concept of the mill in the bakery.

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Table for flour mill

he table is the perfect accessory to accompany the stone mill flour mill Mélia 30.

Designed by Alma Pro to optimize

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Le caisson anti-poussière et d'ensachage pour moulin permet de limiter les poussières dans l’air lors de la production de farines intégrales.
Ce système maintient un local de production propre. Les poussières volantes sont aspirées pour éviter que l’utilisateur les inhalent.