The 21st Century Mill

At the Intersicop fair in Madrid, PANHABLA LAB met with Manuel, the creator of the MÉLIA flour mill.

Manuel and his team have modernized the mill for bakers. He explains that this mill is designed to produce fresh flour directly in bakeries, offering an authentic taste to breads.

Manuel emphasizes the importance of the freshness of the flour for health and flavor. He also compares grain milling to coffee grinding, highlighting the importance of freshness for both. The mill can produce up to 50 kg of flour per hour, offering optimal efficiency even with a reduced capacity of 20 kg per day.

He explains how temperature can influence the quality of the flour, highlighting a safety system in case of grain shortage. The mill is also equipped with a ventilation system to prevent overheating.

Manuel discusses the use of solar panels to power the mill, emphasizing the combination of ancient and modern technology. The cost of the mill is around 35,000 euros, but Manuel offers an analysis on the potential profitability for bakers, especially in terms of bread production and marketing with freshly ground flour.

In conclusion, he emphasizes that this mill can be a profitable investment, offering a unique experience to bakers’ customers and paving the way for a new era of technology in the bakery industry.