The profitability of the concept by Jean-Pierre Olivero

The testimony discusses the economic data regarding the use of a mill in a bakery.

Jean-Pierre Olivero and Sébastien address the importance of using a mill for the bakery, emphasizing the savings it generates.

By simply crushing grain, the mill allows for considerable savings compared to buying already ground flours. For example, by crushing 50 kg of grains each day, this represents a savings of 42.5 euros per day, or 1,105 euros per month.

In addition to direct savings, the mill also allows for additional income through the sale of freshly ground flours. For example, selling 10 kg of wholemeal flour can earn up to 84 euros, while it only costs 27 euros to produce.

The mill thus brings significant benefit to the bakery, reducing costs and increasing profit margins. It also allows for the development of high-quality special breads, offering significant added value.

In addition to the economic aspects, the use of the mill simplifies the bread-making process, reducing working time and allowing for the creation of characterful breads in a short time. Additionally, the presence of the mill in the bakery creates an attractive ambiance for customers, thereby increasing footfall.

Jean-Pierre offers two-day training sessions to share his expertise on mill usage, bread-making, baking, and the financial aspects of the project. These training sessions aim to help businesses increase their profits while offering high-quality products.

In conclusion, the use of a mill in a bakery can not only generate savings and additional income, but also improve product quality and the efficiency of the baking process, while creating an attractive atmosphere for customers.