Le pain signature du Moulin de Gouesnou

At the heart of the charming town of Gouesnou, nestled just a few kilometers from Brest, lies a bakery unlike any other. Its secret? A special bread that brings happiness to residents and visitors alike, a bread that embodies the authenticity and tradition of Brittany.

An Excellent Local Terroir

The star bread of this shop is much more than a simple slice of bread. Mickael Clouarec is the owner of the bakery. He has given this bread a special soul. This identity comes from the deep roots of the region.

What makes this bread so special is, above all, its origin. Indeed, the wheat used for its production is cultivated only 10 km from the bakery. Carefully selected wheat, the result of the passionate work of a miller who strives to offer exceptional local flour.

Artisanal Expertise

But the secret doesn’t stop there. The preparation of this bread requires genuine artisanal expertise. With a hydration between 90% and 100% and a natural sourdough fermentation, each step is carefully thought out to achieve an optimal result.

The bread from the Moulin de Gouesnou keeps for a long time, allowing customers to enjoy it fresh for several days. It’s not by chance; it’s thanks to its quality.

A Gourmet Diversification: The Pasta Box

The bakery doesn’t just offer delicious bread. It has also diversified its offerings by creating “Pasta Boxes,” pasta made from the same flour from the mill.

High-level athletes like the football players from Brestois really enjoy eating these Moulin de Gouesnou pastas. This naturally raises a question: could these pastas be the secret to their success on the field?

Supporters are already dreaming of a qualification for the Champions League next year, fueled by the authentic flavors of the region.

A Family Heritage

Ultimately, behind every bite of this signature bread lies a story, that of a passionate family, a generous terroir, and expertise passed down from generation to generation.

The Moulin de Gouesnou doesn’t just nourish the body; it also feeds the soul, offering everyone the opportunity to taste the very essence of Brittany through a bread that embodies all its character and richness.