Jean-Pierre Olivero

His mission:

Jean-Pierre Olivero became a baker out of a love for bread, inspired by the writings of Gaston Lenôtre over 25 years ago. Creating several bakeries, he is skilled in both wood-fired and electric baking, favoring long fermentations; using liquid sourdough, stiff sourdough, pre-fermented dough, poolish, and more.

Later, he decided to return to his initial passion – being at the heart of the bakery, staying connected to the materials in his bakery located in Bédoin, at the foot of Mont Ventoux. He works there with his wife Stéphanie, their son Enzo, and Serge, a colleague since the beginning.

His experience and efforts led him to develop the concept of the “Mill in the Bakery” – a return to the essentials, earning a decent living from his craft, having time, and nourishing people with the purest of intentions. Consequently, he has developed homemade flavors that are highly appreciated within a minimal and authentic baking approach, a concept he desires to share with everyone.

Le concept du moulin dans la boulangerie :

It was in 2006 that Jean-Pierre and Serge outlined the project of installing a mill in the bakery. The idea grew with Gilles Servonat, a salesperson at Soufflet, and Jérôme Reynard, a miller-producer of einkorn in the Pays de Sault, who advised him to invest in an ALMA PRO mill.

Jean-Pierre conducted extensive research on milling, planning, and the best formula to work with in order to achieve uniquely flavored bread in a straightforward process.

The result was undeniable; sales of specialty bread skyrocketed, and the bakery became highly profitable. His customers loved the bread, and they returned in ever-increasing numbers. The formula was found, and the mill was to be more than just a tool; situated in the shop, it would speak of the intention carried by Jean-Pierre, Serge, and Enzo in their bread-making process. The concept of the mill in the bakery was a success, both human and entrepreneurial, with numbers to prove it.

Jean-Pierre wants to share his enthusiasm with all bakers; this project is a success, and everyone should benefit from it. But bakers needed to be able to find the grain.

Gilles Servonat and Charles Joussely, both working at Moulins Soufflet, believed in the project; with Jean-Pierre, they wanted Moulins Soufflet to provide selected, clean, and packaged grain in 25 kg bags for each baker equipped with a mill.

Moving things forward is never an easy task, and with the arrival of Hugo Montjaux as the national sales manager, the project took shape: Moulins Soufflet wanted each of its bakers to be equipped with the best mills within their bakeries, with a service for the delivery of prepared organic grain in 25 kg bags.

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