Jean-Pierre Olivero Training

Train yourself on the concept of “The Mill in the Bakery.”

Jean-Pierre aims to share his experience with as many people as possible regarding the concept of “The Mill in the Bakery.”

Enhance the performance of your bakery by offering “Signature” bread ranges.

At the Olivero-Ravel Bakery located in Bédoin (84), you can undergo training on the “Mill in the Bakery” concept: milling, bread-making, and sales.

This training embodies the transmission of work that has borne fruit, supported by numbers, for humanity, for taste, to add value to bread.

ce sont des pains avec de la farine de meules

Jean-Pierre in a few words

Jean-Pierre Olivero became a baker out of love for bread, inspired by the readings of Gaston Lenôtre over 25 years ago. As the creator of several bakeries using wood-fired and electric ovens, he emphasizes long fermentations; liquid sourdough, stiff sourdough, pre-fermented dough, poolish… His experience and research led him to develop the concept of “The Mill in the Bakery”; returning to the essentials, making a dignified living from his craft, having time, and nourishing people with the purest intentions. Thus, he develops homemade flavors that are highly appreciated in a minimal and authentic bread-making process within a concept he wishes to share with everyone. (full bio here)

The objectives of the training

The training introduces and/or prepares you for the concept of “The Mill in the Bakery.” It aims for a simple and effective redesign of your bakery concept. It specifically focuses on developing the following skills:

• Conducting whole grain milling on stone mills.

• Creating an expanded range of specialty breads in record time.

• Implementing minimal bread-making methods using fresh whole grain flours in combination.

• Training sales staff in promoting specialty breads.

To register

To enroll in training for the “Mill in the Bakery” concept, please contact Jean-Pierre Olivero via this form.