MELIA flour mills
for a quality living food made in France

The MELIA range

A stone mill: quality grinding

The MÉLIA flour mill is designed for bakers and gourmet bakers who want to develop new flavors.
In a single pass, the MÉLIA flour mill unrolls the grain between its natural granite millstones with perfect control, quite simply.

From flour fineness to grinding temperature, the MÉLIA mill is a precision tool that allows you to work as a team for quality production.

Discover your mill from a range of excellence combining tradition and modernity.
Made in France, the MÉLIA mill has been recognized several times :


la gamme Mélia reconnue par le salon Europain et par le Janus de l'industrie

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Ce sont les trois moulins de la gamme mélia

Our commitments

On voit des pains pétrir la pâtes
The human being at the heart of every project

Family business for two generations, we are specialized in the manufacture of stone grinding mills. Designers of positive impact solutions, eco-responsible products, we place the Human at the heart of each project.

Since its origin, our company has set its roots by respecting the values that are dear to it such as Trust, Team Spirit, Benevolence, …

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Where to find it?

Découvrez un réseau de proximité
A local network

The MELIA Ambassadors

They are specialists in their trade, bakers, cooks, and tastemakers, and we share the same values. As they are able to speak about their own experience, we present them to you below;

Our distributors

Discover a network of local distributors who are committed to the values of advice, support, and monitoring that every artisan of taste deserves.

Our retailers and installers are trained by us, and all comply with our charter of commitment to help you get to grips with your mill, its maintenance and after-sales service.


Where to find grain?

Common wheat, mixes, durum wheat, old varieties, rye, spelt, einkorn, millet, buckwheat, maize, etc.

Discover a map showing the location of our partners: Moulins Soufflet, who can offer you quality grain delivered in condition to meet your needs.


How to find a training course?
Would you like to learn or re-learn how to use your mill or make bread from these millstones? Use this map to find the person who can help you.

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Franck Debieu, boulanger
Franck  Debieu
Master baker
Palaiseau, France

Founder of the L’Étoile du Berger bakeries, Franck Debieu has been working since 1994 on the development of sourdough fermentation techniques…

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jean pierre et stéphanie olivero
Jean-Pierre  Olivero
Bédoin, France

Jean-Pierre Olivero, a baker located at the foot of Mont Ventoux, is working on the concept of baking with fresh whole grain flours.

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Nadia Sammut
Nadia  Sammut
Cadenet, France

My job today is to pass on my knowledge from the farm to the plate, via all my colleagues in the kitchen and in processing …

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