MELIA 50 flour mill

Charming and attractive, it will be the focal point of your point of sale.

The MELIA 50 flour mill will enable users to create quality flours by integrating the notion of health through food.

Its main mission is to enrich the knowledge of end consumers by transforming cereals, pulses, and protein crops into a central foodstuff in their diet.

This flour mill gives users the chance to get out the millstones and liven up the point of sale by grinding in front of customers.

Users maintain control of production thanks to parameterized grinding data. Each digital setting promotes the repeatability of flour results and encourages teamwork.  All enthusiasts are invited to create a grind.

The MELIA 50 is a means of expression for users who want to try out new taste horizons.

The different varieties of cereals, pulses, and protein crops that can be ground on stone millstones open new culinary horizons. Artisan bakers, pastry chefs and cooks now can express hitherto unexplored combinations of flavors and consistencies.

This diversity allows creative chefs to give free rein to their imagination and create unique dishes and breads that will appeal to customers looking for a healthier diet.

This MELIA 50 mill is more than just a production tool. It’s the power to animate your point of sale. Flour becomes more than just a basic ingredient. It’s the art of creativity.

Technical characteristics of the MELIA 50:

  • Performance

a throughput of up to 30 kg/h.

25 kg of material in its hopper.

  • Energy efficiency

This flour mill has been designed with energy efficiency in mind, thanks to its patented direct drive.

Its 230V motor consumes an average of 1,200 W.

  •  Design

The MELIA 50 combines wood, stone, and stainless steel.

Transparent casing.

Dimensions (mm): W=820 D=840 H=1785

Weight: 350 kg

  • Controllable grinding parameters

Rotation speed between 60 and 170 rpm.

Temperature set point

Precise, patented grinding wheel elevation.

A simple, ergonomic control panel for controlling production.

  • Security

Automatic stop when there is no grain.

Automatic stop on the maximum set temperature of the flours.

Easier maintenance


The Talmélia services

Talmélia by Alma Pro offers services to accompany you in the concept of the mill in the bakery.

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Le caisson anti-poussière et d'ensachage pour moulin permet de limiter les poussières dans l’air lors de la production de farines intégrales.
Ce système maintient un local de production propre. Les poussières volantes sont aspirées pour éviter que l’utilisateur les inhalent.